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  True Light of Prophecy
Jesus shows the true light of Bible prophecy."We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts." 2 Peter 1:19.

As the rabbis looked upon Jesus, their eyes could only discern a humble Galilean, a youth with human weakness, while upon their ears fell words of pure, elevated truth, sweeping away the dark mysteries of traditions, which had perverted the objects of the most sacred ceremonies prefiguring momentous events upon which hung the destiny of the world. These wise men did not discern in this youth, sitting at their feet, the living and divine interpreter of the prophecies. If they had once conceived the idea that Christ was instructing them, they would have disdained to give Him attention. But they were flattering themselves that they were imparting knowledge to an intelligent youth, who held them as listeners to receive instruction, while they thought themselves teachers. 

They had lost sight of the manner in which prophecy represented that the Messiah should come. They were looking for a monarch, who would come with kingly honors, and with great display of armies, as a mighty conqueror to execute judgment against those who had oppressed them. They were more anxious to be relieved from bondage to Caesar than to be released from the bondage of sin and delivered from the power of Satan. They coveted riches and worldly splendor above the favor of God, that they might receive honor of men, and be exalted above their oppressors. They were convicted that their expectations in regard to the object and manner of Christ's appearing was not in accordance with prophecy; but they were not willing to give up the theories which had met their minds and called forth their proud boast to their enemies of the riches and glory of their coming King. They were not willing to admit that they had been deceived. Pride and unbelief led them to refuse to accept the light which convicted their understanding. The inquiry passed from one to the other of the rabbis, How hath this youth this great knowledge, having never learned? The wonder of these wise men did not result in faith. Light was shining upon them, but they did not cherish it, because it did not accord with their feelings.

These Jewish teachers did not remember the prophecy that a child should be born, a Son given, whose name should be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Prince of Peace. Although Christ was not yet manifested to the world, yet from Nazareth had already been realized a power in the interview with the doctors which would increase until it was felt through the length and breadth of the world.

While the parents of Christ were anxiously seeking their Son, they saw great numbers flocking to the temple. They pressed along with the crowd, when, as they were about to enter the temple, the voice of Jesus arrested their attention. Although they could not see him for the crowd, they well knew that no other voice was like his—peculiar with its solemn melody. The parents urged their way through the crowd, and there beheld their Son, sitting in the midst of grave and learned doctors of the law, plying them with questions of so grave and deep a character as to evidence superior knowledge in regard to the prophecies which revealed the errors and deception that had covered the minds of both priests and people. The Jewish rulers, priests, and doctors, were putting to Christ the most difficult questions, which to them were shrouded in mystery. With childlike simplicity, and yet with perfect clearness, Christ comprehended their questions, and, in His answers, brushes aside the cloud of darkness and reveals the true light, which gives such evidences of superior wisdom as to astonish the rulers of Israel.