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  Don't Blow With the Wind
Friends cannot move Jesus to do wrong."As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation." Proverbs 10:25.

Christ retained a perfect identity of character, although surrounded by unfavorable influences, and placed in every variety of circumstances. Nothing supernatural occurred during the first thirty years of His life at Nazareth which would attract the attention of the people to Himself. The apocraphy [apocrypha] of the New Testament attempts to supply the silence of the Scriptures in reference to the early life of Christ, by giving a fancy sketch of His childhood years. These writers relate wonderful incidents and miracles, which characterized His childhood, and distinguished Him from other children. They relate fictitious tales, and frivolous miracles, which they say He wrought, attributing to Christ the senseless and needless display of His divine power, and falsifying His character by attributing to Him acts of revenge, and deeds of mischief, which were cruel and ridiculous.

In what marked contrast is the history of Christ, as recorded by the evangelists, which is beautiful in its natural simplicity, with these unmeaning stories, and fictitious tales. They are not at all in harmony with His character. They are more after the order of the novels that are written, which have no foundation in truth; but the characters delineated are of fancy creating.

The life of Christ was distinguished from the generality of children. His strength of moral character, and His firmness, ever led Him to be true to His sense of duty, and to adhere to the principles of right, from which no motive, however powerful, could move Him. Money or pleasure, applause or censure, could not purchase or flatter Him to consent to a wrong action. He was strong to resist temptation, wise to discover evil, and firm to abide faithful to His convictions.

The wicked and unprincipled would flatter and portray the pleasures of sinful indulgences; but His strength of principle was strong to resist the suggestions of Satan. Christ's penetration had been cultivated, that He could discern the voice of the tempter. He would not swerve from duty to obtain the favor of any. He would not sell His principles for human praise, or to avoid reproach and the envy and hatred of those who were enemies to righteousness and true goodness.